About Unchurched


According to wikipedia, “Unchurched” means, in the broad sense, people who are not connected with a church. In research on religious participation, it refers more specifically to people who do not attend worship services.

There is a growing movement of those who follow Christ, yet do not attend a traditional, institutional church.  On report estimates that there are as many as 75 million “unchurched people” in the United States.  Another estimate says that 80% of self-identifying Christians refrain from attending services.  Undoubtedly, many of those simply stopped seeking after God, pursuing their own desires.  Yet, quite a few leave church for a variety of reasons in order to passionately pursue God outside of the confines of traditions and the institutions.

Our site, Unchurched, seeks to encourage those who, for whatever reason, do not attend traditional churches, but still seek to follow Christ with their whole heart.  We offer articles about faith, posts from others who share your views, and fellowship via our Discord server. We seek to glorify God and encourage others to do the same.  We looks for new ways to follow Jesus’ command to love one another, in this ‘me’ focused society through discussion, encouragement, and prayer.

We believe that the Gospel is central to all we do and teach.  We recognize that we have many siblings in the faith who have various viewpoints on theology.  Outside of the Gospel message, the divinity of Christ, and the seriousness of sin, we recognize that most of these doctrines are not critical to salvation.  Following Paul’s direction in Romans 14, we accept those with different viewpoints, for blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD.

For those who wish to help with moderation, writing articles or editing, please email our admin (jcservant at cyberlightcomics dot com), or fill out the contact form, with your basic information to get started.  For all others, welcome!  Feel free to read our articles, engage our community in discussion found in each one, or join us on our Discord server for real time texting and voice chat!

Your brother in faith,
Phil aka JCServant

Note: Discord is a free chat and voice over internet server which allows us to connect to each other in real time.  It is designed with the video game community in mind, but is used in other communities as well.  Be aware that you may see invitations to join gaming servers during the sign up process.  If you have any questions, please let us know.